Special Session 10
Since 2010, this annual session discusses broad aspects of hydrogen (H)- related kinetics and H-induced phenomena at surfaces and in the interior of materials from a fundamental viewpoint. The aim is to obtain a mechanistic understanding of dynamical processes such as the hydrogen transportation across the gas/solid interface relevant to hydrogen (hydride) storage, hydrogen purification by permeation, hydrogen isotope retention and exchange in plasma-exposed materials, and hydrogenation catalysis. We focus also on hydrogen interactions with the microstructure and with defects in (nano-)materials that can drastically change the physical, mechanical, or electrical properties but still lack adequate explanations.
In addition to welcoming all subjects below, special highlights for 2018 are direct detection techniques for hydrogen (dynamics) and the impact of hydrogen on the tribology of surfaces. Both experimentalists and theoreticians are strongly encouraged to participate.

Topics of the special session include:

  • H-diffusion (surface and bulk)
  • H in nanomaterials and thin films
  • Hydrogenation and fuel cell catalysis
  • Hydrogen permeation
  • H-defect interactions and H-induced defect generation
  • H-induced vacancy formation and diffusion
  • H-embrittlement
  • Hydrogen detection techniques
  • Hydrogen and the tribology of surfaces



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Prof. Markus Wilde
Institute of Industrial Science,
The University of Tokyo




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